Lap Trays

Although bar stools are great for parties and watching sporting events it can be difficult to eat while sitting in them. Most tower over the available tables making it awkward to reach for your plate or other table items. A simple lap tray can solve this problem.

Lap trays are very convenient to have in your home. They can be used for many purposes, such as eating, writing, placing a laptop on, and other purposes. Many things can be placed on the tray, including hardback books, smaller paperback books, magazines, or art supplies. They can be used to play cards or some games on as well when a flat surface is needed. The uses for lap trays are as unique as those who use them. Some people even use them to prepare vegetables for salads if they need to sit down while they work.

Everyone loves to be served breakfast in bed, especially on a special day like Mother’s Day. Any day can seem special with a lap tray for eating. Most of these trays have legs that fold out to fit over the person’s legs as they sit up in bed. The tray may have a design, or it could be a solid color. Beanbag lap trays are also popular for those who like to sit in an upholstered chair to watch television as they eat. The synthetic beans inside the base of the tray mold to the person’s legs for easy balancing of the tray. Some of them have removable trays on the top that can be taken off and placed in the dishwasher or washed by hand. These trays are priced from around $10 to $50, depending on the material that the tray is made of, as well as whether or not it has a picture on it.

Trays for kids are a very good investment because they eliminate a lot of cleaning up as kids eat if they eat from the tray. They are also useful for painting, coloring, or doing homework or other projects on since they are easy to write on due to their hard surface. They take up much less space than a desk, and a child can sit on the floor with it on his or her lap, or they can sit in a chair to use it. Some styles for children have side pockets that can hold crayons, books, pencils, or other supplies. They are often made in bright colors, such as blue, pink, orange, purple, and green. They cost about $8.00.

Travel lap trays are also made for children that fit over a car seat so that the child can eat or read books or color as the parent drives. Styles for older children fit in the middle of the back seat of the car. They have a flat surface for eating or writing, and there is a storage area below the tray. Arts and crafts lap trays can be used inside the house or in the car. They have lift-up trays and areas underneath that can store many different art supplies.

Adults often like to have a lap desk. This is a tray that can be used to hold a laptop computer, or it is good for writing or for placing reading materials on. It keeps the laptop steady and prevents the heat of the computer from getting hot on your legs. Some models have a built-in clip to hold papers if it is taken on an airplane or train where there may be some movement. These are sold in brown or black plastic, and they often have a beanbag bottom that molds to the lap for security. There are storage trays for pens or pencils that are very convenient as well. This type of lap tray costs around $15.99.

Those who prefer a fancier wooden lap desk will appreciate the Euro lap desk that is made in mahogany. It has an extra-large surface that can hold a widescreen laptop or newspaper at home or while traveling. One model is ergonomic and easier to use than a rectangular-shaped tray. It also has a beanbag underneath the tray. This model sells for about $36.99.

The best place to buy lap trays is online because of the wide choice available there. Shipping costs are not much because the weight of the trays is fairly light in most cases. The most important thing to look for when buying a lap tray is whether it is large enough for the person who will use it, and if it has places to store accessories that are needed to eat, work, or play.

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